5 Apps that will transform your Wedding style

Sure, you can pick a royal wedding out of a style line up and could tell your friends if traditional, vintage or industrial/rustic would be their dream wedding style. But do you know the apps wedding event designers use to inspire them? These five apps are or are pegged to be the most influential apps out there / and they are the tools every lover of wedding design should know.


Known as ‘Gen-Z’, the young professionals of today boast a lifestyle as modern and international as their attitude. For almost a year we have poured our heart and soul, knowledge and skill into creating an app that will allow couples to make design decisions on the go. Homing in on these young professional international couples’ time and budget constraints, the Wolkenkuckuck app will support them in planning, shopping and styling their wedding. And it will do so easily and reliably in one powerful platform.

Expected launch date: 4th Quarter 2021.


While originally designed as a pure note-taking app, Notability is so powerful, it will literally transform the way you work. It makes sketching ideas, create a visually attractive presentation, jot down notes and much more ridiculously easy.

Notability uses gorgeous retina ink, giving life to your ideas and improves your notes filing, memory and organization. I use this app mainly to take notes, find important thoughts amongst my ‘scribbles’ and sketch important design elements, again, and again, and again …

Download it from the Notability app website.


Canva is a nifty online graphic design tool. It runs in your browser and is also available as an app version, although with slightly less functionality. Wedding stylists and couples alike use this app to design flyers, posters, invitations, placecards, table plans and a social media campaign for their wedding. The complaint that it is no Adobe illustrator is mute, that is to say, of course not. Canva’s templates are brilliant though for anyone, from beginners with a minimum of graphic design experience to professionals. Particularly when in need of a helpful tool under time pressure.

You can sign up for Canva via their website.


We love and take Pinterest for what it is: a platform to share visual ideas in an easy and, well, visual way. A shared Pinterest board gives couples the room to share their ideas with their wedding designer/stylist and help him/her understand the vision in the couples’ heads. This is always helpful and important to avoid disappointment. Particularly where international couples are concerned who often have to negotiate ideas and make decisions remotely.

Wolkenkuckuck Public Pinterest Board

Access Pinterest or download the app here.


Wedding event stylists inevitably take inspiration from the world around them. And it’s hard to imagine an easier app than Houzz. Here, everyone can find the most curated interior design ideas and layouts on the market. The projects are often decorated with modern and classic paintings hanging on the walls. Users include everyone from professional interior designers to couples decorating their first home, boutique hotel owners to wedding event stylists.

Visit the website for more info about the Houzz Interior Design apps.