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Crafting eclectic garden- and outdoor weddings

Hello, and a warm welcome!
You being here means that you have been thinking about getting married. Well, that is great news and I CONGRATULATE you to that important step in your life! It may also mean that you are wondering whether to call a wedding planner – i.e. someone like me. Well, there isn’t much chance of that! At least not without understanding, who this person – again, me – is. And what she can do to move my vision from good, to great, to out-of-this-world!
So here we go – find out who this wedding planner from Austria is and what she can do for you!

I am Ulrike Monks, CEO at Wolkenkuckuck Austria, and the woman behind the Wolkenkuckuck Wedding Styling and Planning Business.

Your Austrian wedding event has to be right for YOU!
You may be completely comfortable with organizing most of it yourself. Then we are here to lend a helping hand; dealing with those components that cause you a headache.

Handing over your wedding experience to a stranger can be daunting. So don’t be a stranger. Let’s set up a free call and have a chat.
The happier you are the more satisfaction for us.
We will be here for you 100% every step of the way.

Styling beautiful Garden- and Outdoor weddings in and around
Vienna and the rest of Austria is part of our DNA.
Enjoy your wedding – from the moment you set up that free call
to chat, to your first wedding anniversary and beyond!

What we are known for

Exploring color-worlds together will start off the deep dive into your wedding planning journey.

As your go-to person for all things related to your Austrian wedding celebration, I will come to understand EXACTLY what your priorities are. I want to know why, how, where and what will make the whole event MEANINGFUL TO YOU!

Secluded wedding venues

For the past 14 years I have been coordinating and styling events in Austria and there was one thing that became apparent very early on. It was, in fact, during my very first event when I uncovered a very important ingredient for happy, satisfied customers: The certainty that – WHATEVER HAPPENS IN AUSTRIA, STAYS IN AUSTRIA.

Whether you are a bride and/or a groom, or brides and grooms – here, on my blog, I hope to get you so excited about Austria (if you are not already, ha!) that you can’t WAIT to celebrate your union here. As a wedding stylist and planner you are my top priority. I will make sure your wedding is uniquely tailored to you.

Stadtflucht Bergmühle near Vienna is a wonderfully secluded location, still only a short hop from Vienna. This is why couples adore to get married here.


Wedding Packages – Are you tired of getting hit with hidden cost throughout your planning process? I have often wondered, why that is. Well, of course a lot of it has to do with the nature of the service industry per se. It is often difficult to be fully aware and utterly sure about what to expect – especially when it comes to getting married. After all, generally the push is to only have one of these, a once in a lifetime thing. So obviously, some changes along the way are expected and already considered in the pricing. But other items, such as hiring assistants or shipping an 8 foot floral wreath to Denmark – can’t be easily absorbed.

We spent a long time pacing the floors and coming up with a solution and we think, we did it – with your help and Wolkenkuckuck Wedding Packages & Pricing we offer the best of both worlds – great flexibility for you, our couples – whilst maintaining a three tier framework. We connect the hours of work with your budget and the amount of guests you are planning to invite, et voilà!

Check out the packages. We would be delighted to answer any questions!

Customize your Wedding experience with the Elopement package by Wolkenkuckuck

Benefit from my network

Through Wolkenkuckuck Austria you have access to my network of vendors. These suppliers have all come up with high-quality goods and services for me – again, and again and again. Why is this important? As dedicated as I am to each of my couples and their innermost longings for their celebration’s unique feel. I am equally committed to selecting vendors each time individually and specifically. In a step-by-step process, I focus on each of the details of your day. This is my expertise and my mission – to create your dream wedding – one moment at the time.

I take my job of delivering each of those moments and unique details at exactly the right time for you, very VERY seriously. This is why I only accept requests from up to twelve couples per year!

Use this form to tell me everything or call me on +43-660-557 45 93.