Easy Wildflower Wedding at the Stadtflucht Bergmühle

Simple vases with flowers from nearby fields and wild growing shrubs are perfect to create an easy relaxed atmosphere. The wildflower wedding at Stadtflucht Bergmühle also boasted glorious weather, divine food and love in the air. In these days, when we all crave togetherness and ease of flow, the gentle slope and lake are the

5 Ways How to Guarantee Awesome Wedding Music Entertainment

The biggest news about wedding music entertainment, we have to say, is that there is actual news about wedding music entertainment. Though still uncertain, we use this upturn to update you on the trends, shifts and adjustments of the Austrian wedding event and entertainment industry. A longing to connect with people and sharing a physical

Big but small – is that even possible?

What if – I want those intimate wedding venues for 2 but in a really grand location? Today, I want to look into something, every couple that wants to plan their wedding, will go through, at some point. It’s the “I’d like this but not like that” moment, when it’s hard to put a finger

Zwei praktische Tisch-Deko Styles für eine gelungene Gartenparty

Heute gebe ich euch ein paar praktische Tips für Tischdekorationen, die sich leicht umsetzen lassen, und nicht die Welt kosten. Mein Auftrag lautete, die Tischdekoration für zwei Geburtstagskinder zu entwerfen. Ausgangspunkt und Inspiration waren in diesem Fall die jeweiligen Torten, die sich die jungen Männer gewünscht hatten: Erdbeertorte einerseits und 25 unterschiedliche Törtchen andererseits, gemeinsam

Spring colours 2021 you definitely want for your wedding!

From glistening silver to a hint of mint. It’s true, winter has just arrived and gloves, hats and scarves are our every day best friend, still – Wolkenkuckuck is about to give you something to look forward to! As you research and prepare for what is going to be a very, if not the most