Unsere Hochzeitslocationsuche auf Capri: Hochzeit mit Urlaubsfeeling

Wolkenkuckuck Austria auf Hochzeitslocationsuche

Wo andere Urlaub in Italien machen, ist Hochzeit feiern aufregend! Wir sind daher bis Capri gereist, um einen Blick auf die traumhafte Kulisse bekannt aus zahlreichen Filmen zu werfen. Dabei wird sofort klar: auf der nur 6 km langen und 2,7 km breiten Insel im Golf von Neapel, die seit Jahrzehnten Kaiser und Künstler, Abenteurer und Autoren, Promis und Sternchen anzieht, ist auch eine Hochzeit etwas ganz besonderes. Wir haben uns für Euch auf der Insel nach Hochzeitslocations umgesehen.

Mit einer großen Portion Lebenslust, und der Liebe zu knalligen Farben hat sich Capri zusammen mit der ihr eigenen Flora, des besonderen Lichts, und der Lebensfreude der hier ansässigen Menschen einen einzigartigen Ort zum Heiraten geschaffen. Die von uns auf Capri gefundenen Hochzeitslocations samt farbenfroher Fliesen und jeder Menge Zitronen an jeder freien Stelle der Insel haben uns sehr inspiriert. Lassen aus Sie sich von dem Zauber der Insel inspirieren!

How you create the perfect autumn table scape

When the days get shorter and your footsteps become muffled by wet grass and a heavy layer of fog, that’s when you know that autumn has well and truly arrived. We want to show you some ideas for a perfectly scrumptious setting of the perfect autumn table scape.

The forerunner of winter, beautiful, wholesome autumn spoils us with his awesome array of vivid colors, from reds to oranges and bright yellows. It is a time when many of us yearn to hole up indoors and start preparing comfort food against the increasingly cold weather. And warm tomato soup with pumpkin seed oil, or healing elderberry syrup are all favorites best served amongst a beautiful table setting.

To befit the name ‘table scape’, we create varying heights, adding interest to a flat table. Vases, bowls, plates, floral arrangements and textiles are all used to create a look that has the wow factor. And all of them form part of the perfect autumn table scape.

Choose an autumn color palette

For coherence and style it is best to choose and stick to a color palette. The warm earthy tones of luscious gold and burgundy red leaves. As well as the dark grey of wet tree bark and pointy pine cones. All of these will work wonderfully well on your table. Add high slender glass vases to mimic the shape of the cones. Or find other items that match such as wintery icicles and long candles.

Perfect table scapes for any occasion

You must remember that the principles discussed here are applicable to all sorts of other occasions. Create a stunning table-scape at Easter. With lots of yellows and whites and reds. Tulips, Narcisse and yellow Ranunculus all work perfectly.

Share your results with our network

We don’t believe in perfection. ‘Done is better than perfect’ applies so please, share your images of table-scape ideas you have done and we are happy to post them here, on our website. If you prefer, we won’t print the name ;-).

Hey, Baby! Let’s Fall in Love!

As the summer draws to a close, it will be a reminder of good times when many at least made one short trip to the seaside. A much needed dip for anyone, including landlocked fellow Austrians, can be had not all that far away. This year, we fell in love with Koper!

The location behind our recent dream get away, Koper, is “Austria’s port to the world”. Although, strictly speaking, the beautiful medieval town is located on the short stretch of Slovenian coast. Sandwiched between Italy and Croatia, Slovenia reaches for the sea on the Istria peninsula. The Slovenian part covers just over 46 km of the entire Istrian 430km coastline.

While not an everyday indulgence, the undeniably relaxed feeling of Koper and Slovenia can be brought home. And there is certain things we’re immediately adding to our weekly mental health routine, including the magic formula, of long leisurely strolls through the countryside – albeit that of the Weinviertel. Simply gorgeous!

Find out how to harvest and bottle and store that autumny wholesome goodness for months – in your fridge. With our fabulous elderberry syrup recipe below!

Fall in Love with Elderberry Syrup

Harvest approx. 1kg of Elderberry stalks, loaded with goodness.
Remove the berries from the stalk carefully – a normal fork works best!

Make sure you remove as many of the green berries as possible. Fill a medium-sized pot with 400ml of water, stir in the elderberries and bring to the boil. Add herbs for taste – mint, ginger, rosemary and cinnamon all work really well.

Boil for 5 minutes on medium heat – then use another pot and a very fine sieve to drain the juice from the berries. A Muslin cloth can also be used, if the sieve’s holes are too big.

Add the juice of 1-2 lemons and bring to the boil again for a further 5 minutes. You can also add sugar and honey, if you prefer a sweeter taste for your syrup. Bottle the hot syrup immediately, filling sterilized glass bottles and jars to the brim.

Et voila! Enjoy this first harvest of the autumn season – all snuggled up on the sofa, with your loved one!

Easy Wildflower Wedding at the Stadtflucht Bergmühle

Simple vases with flowers from nearby fields and wild growing shrubs are perfect to create an easy relaxed atmosphere. The wildflower wedding at Stadtflucht Bergmühle also boasted glorious weather, divine food and love in the air. In these days, when we all crave togetherness and ease of flow, the gentle slope and lake are the real bonus of this place.

Flowers are an important factor of any sustainable wedding. Exotic flowers transported from relatively far away can result in a higher level of CO2 emissions. And the use of potentially harmful chemical fertilisers can pollute the soil. While that might come as a bit of a surprise, please don’t worry, because we got you covered!
Just follow our quick guide to seasonal flowers below.

Quick guide to seasonal flowers for your wedding decor at the Stadtflucht

The wedding season at the Stadtflucht starts from early spring. While it may be a little cold, still, Tulips are starting to show their beautifully coloured heads. Commonly seen in blue, Hyacinths have a lovely scent and are a beautiful addition for wedding florals. Evergreens, like Eucalyptus and Baby’s Breath all begin to appear now, too.

Download Quick Guide HERE

By March/April my personal favourites, Ranunculi, and Freesias broaden the palette of flowers available as well as the colours you can use. Some of the flowers couples can use for their wedding at Stadtflucht Bergmühle Floral Designs at this time of year are our Roses, Hydrangeas, Coneflowers and Chrysanthemums. For weddings around Easter, daffodils are often used and create a happy vibe here.

May and June see another favourite – not only of mine – come into bloom. The Peony Rose with her gentle, sweet smell, luscious blossoms and gorgeous colours is the star for our bridal arch and bridal bouquets. Magnificent Gladiolas and Hydrangea Shrubs brighten up the Stadtflucht Bergmühle from July.

Sunflower arrangements make stunning table centrepieces and are perfect for weddings in August/September. The greek word for ‘Star’ gave the Aster her name and this hardy flower with gorgeous blooms lends colour to a wedding design, when other flowers fade.

For October and November weddings the pretty Gerbera daisy and some types of Hydrangeas work well and create a warm autumny feel at your event. As do Chrysanthemums who are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. We also love to use Goldenrods and Daisies that grow naturally at the location.

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