A palace for a princess?

There is a royal flair in the Palais Niederösterreich. The historical rooms, equipped with magnificent stucco marble and impressive ceiling frescoes, will definitely enchant your guests and allow fairytale photos:

Landtag Hall

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The Landtag Hall of the Palais Niederösterreich is decorated with the largest continuous ceiling fresco in Austria. Due to its elegant vault, the ceiling painting covers an area of ​​472,14 m².
The 346m² room is ideal for large, lavish celebrations with up to 220 guests.

Knight hall

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The dark wood of the knight's hall combined with golden highlights creates a very elegant background that draws attention to the bride and groom and their beautiful guests. There is space for 100 people, but this room is also wonderfully suitable for a small private celebration with around 40 guests. A long table looks just as majestic here as a looser layout of captain's tables.


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The 600m² courtyard is also available for various uses. The bride and groom can come here appropriately, for example by carriage, and / or leave for their honeymoon. The area is also ideal for weddings, receptions or agape.
An additional stage can also be perfectly integrated.

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The special thing about the Palais Niederösterreich is the wedding ceremony, which can take place on site, both civil and church in the country house chapel in the Palais (Catholic, up to 50 people). Larger Catholic weddings can, for example, be held in the nearby church of the Schottenstift as well as in the Minoritenkirche (both about 3 minutes' walk away). The Lutheran City Church (7 minutes' walk, 9 minutes by car) is ideally located for evangelical weddings. 

Five catering partners of Palais Niederösterreich take care of the physical well-being: Adventure Catering, Motto Catering, Gerstner Catering, Trabitsch Catering and Mörwald Catering. On request, however, an individual caterer can also be commissioned for the wedding celebration. 

There are numerous hotels nearby that provide overnight accommodation for all guests.

Palais Niederösterreich offers various price packages, all of which include room rental. Prices start from 1470 €. 

Hard facts:

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