How you create the perfect autumn table scape

When the days get shorter and your footsteps become muffled by wet grass and a heavy layer of fog, that’s when you know that autumn has well and truly arrived. We want to show you some ideas for a perfectly scrumptious setting of the perfect autumn table scape.

The forerunner of winter, beautiful, wholesome autumn spoils us with his awesome array of vivid colors, from reds to oranges and bright yellows. It is a time when many of us yearn to hole up indoors and start preparing comfort food against the increasingly cold weather. And warm tomato soup with pumpkin seed oil, or healing elderberry syrup are all favorites best served amongst a beautiful table setting.

To befit the name ‘table scape’, we create varying heights, adding interest to a flat table. Vases, bowls, plates, floral arrangements and textiles are all used to create a look that has the wow factor. And all of them form part of the perfect autumn table scape.

Choose an autumn color palette

For coherence and style it is best to choose and stick to a color palette. The warm earthy tones of luscious gold and burgundy red leaves. As well as the dark grey of wet tree bark and pointy pine cones. All of these will work wonderfully well on your table. Add high slender glass vases to mimic the shape of the cones. Or find other items that match such as wintery icicles and long candles.

Perfect table scapes for any occasion

You must remember that the principles discussed here are applicable to all sorts of other occasions. Create a stunning table-scape at Easter. With lots of yellows and whites and reds. Tulips, Narcisse and yellow Ranunculus all work perfectly.

Share your results with our network

We don’t believe in perfection. ‘Done is better than perfect’ applies so please, share your images of table-scape ideas you have done and we are happy to post them here, on our website. If you prefer, we won’t print the name ;-).