Looking for a new type of supplier registry in 2021?

Fact is that the wedding world was ready for change even before the pandemic forced meetings and with that many of the event planning processes into the virtual realm.

While this situation is certainly challenging to most of us small and medium size businesses that are part of the wedding and event planning industry, it also leaves couples looking to plan a dream day utterly stranded. How to decide on anything, if you are not able to sample, touch, taste, feel or visit places, select fabrics and flowers … you get our drift.

At Wolkenkuckuck our values revolve around providing good and important information and support to our couples in planning their dream wedding day. Customizing a couples’ wedding look and experience is another important pillar; one that we take very seriously, when looking at suppliers who are interested in working with us.

If you are such a supplier and you feel you can not only provide a high quality product or service in an achievable price-range for young professional couples with an international background, but also enjoy providing a customized service, product or experience, we are very interested to hear from you and very happy to invite you become part of the Wolkenkuckuck-Family.

Join our great group of Friends of Wolkenkuckuck and REGISTER AND TAKE THE SURVEY!