Love this mental-health work-out

Welcome to our second workout! Today we focus on our mental-health, so we are going to do exercises for a good posture because if we improve our posture we improve our confidence and we are going to do exercises which make us sweat so we can be really proud at the end of this workout.

What makes this workout so awesome is that it’s only 15 minutes long, so everybody can do it. And don’t worry this is enough to see results.

How does it work?
This is an Amrap 15 workout, which means as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. That means there are no breaks in these 15 minutes, but don’t panic you can (and should) every exercise as slow as you want. One round is 10 raps of every exercise I will show you in this text.



Our fist exercise is the superman, we focus on the upper body on this one so we always leave the toes on the mat. You start with lying on the mat and your arms are straight over your head. Now you pull your elbows back and your upper back up while you inhale. Exhale and move your body to the starting position. Your arms should not touch the matt. This is one rap.

Knee to squat jump


For this exercise you start kneeling on your mat. Now you get momentum by pulling your butt to your heels and your arms back so you can jump up in the squat position. If this is too hard or you get too tired during the workout to do it you can just stand up into the squat position. If you do this that’s totally fine, I also do this sometimes. To end this rap you just step back into the kneeling position.

Raised legs crunch


The first step for this crunch variation is to lie on your mat with your legs straight up. The second step is to try to touch your feet by lifting your upper body with your abs. Really focus on feeling your abs. Once up and down is one rep.



You start in the push up position, jump with your legs to your arms and stand up. If the jump is too hard just step forward to your arms. To finish the rap go down again and jump or step back into the push up position. This exercise is going to make you sweat and burn a lot of calories, so really focus on your form and always keep your back straight!

After the workout:
It is important you drink enough after this (or any other) workout so your body is hydrated. Take a nice shower, relax and be proud of yourself. You did really great!

I am proud of you!