Easy Wildflower Wedding at the Stadtflucht Bergmühle

Simple vases with flowers from nearby fields and wild growing shrubs are perfect to create an easy relaxed atmosphere. The wildflower wedding at Stadtflucht Bergmühle also boasted glorious weather, divine food and love in the air. In these days, when we all crave togetherness and ease of flow, the gentle slope and lake are the real bonus of this place.

Flowers are an important factor of any sustainable wedding. Exotic flowers transported from relatively far away can result in a higher level of CO2 emissions. And the use of potentially harmful chemical fertilisers can pollute the soil. While that might come as a bit of a surprise, please don’t worry, because we got you covered!
Just follow our quick guide to seasonal flowers below.

Quick guide to seasonal flowers for your wedding decor at the Stadtflucht

The wedding season at the Stadtflucht starts from early spring. While it may be a little cold, still, Tulips are starting to show their beautifully coloured heads. Commonly seen in blue, Hyacinths have a lovely scent and are a beautiful addition for wedding florals. Evergreens, like Eucalyptus and Baby’s Breath all begin to appear now, too.

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By March/April my personal favourites, Ranunculi, and Freesias broaden the palette of flowers available as well as the colours you can use. Some of the flowers couples can use for their wedding at Stadtflucht Bergmühle Floral Designs at this time of year are our Roses, Hydrangeas, Coneflowers and Chrysanthemums. For weddings around Easter, daffodils are often used and create a happy vibe here.

May and June see another favourite – not only of mine – come into bloom. The Peony Rose with her gentle, sweet smell, luscious blossoms and gorgeous colours is the star for our bridal arch and bridal bouquets. Magnificent Gladiolas and Hydrangea Shrubs brighten up the Stadtflucht Bergmühle from July.

Sunflower arrangements make stunning table centrepieces and are perfect for weddings in August/September. The greek word for ‘Star’ gave the Aster her name and this hardy flower with gorgeous blooms lends colour to a wedding design, when other flowers fade.

For October and November weddings the pretty Gerbera daisy and some types of Hydrangeas work well and create a warm autumny feel at your event. As do Chrysanthemums who are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. We also love to use Goldenrods and Daisies that grow naturally at the location.

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The ultimate list of wedding no-goes

As you attended weddings of friends and family, what has stayed most with you? What are the things that you would like to replicate at your own wedding. Or perhaps there are some things you will try and avoid?
One of the main reasons why I became a wedding stylist was those near misses, including some of course at my own wedding. And none of them saved me or my friends and family any money. In this blog article read about my Wedding-No-Goes.

Avoid to invest in a really good photographer

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” Matt Hardy

Very few things will matter to you more, in years to come, than the many wonderful memories of your wedding day. And beautiful wedding portraits will give you joy, for many years to come. So, it makes absolute sense to spend the money necessary to hire a professional wedding photographer. Better still, hire a team of two photographers. It allows you to have pictures of you and your fiancée on the wedding day as well as the set-up of the ceremony and party venues.

Photo: Unsplash

In order to capture the overall atmosphere, a good photographer will first want to get to know you. Come prepared, ask questions and don’t be afraid to discuss fees. You will be surprised at how different payment modalities for photographers can be. In most cases, photographers are willing to be reasonably flexible with their clients, if at all possible.

Contact us for a list of recommended wedding photographers.

Bad light conditions – part of wedding-no-goes

Photographers often will rush in and turn off artificial lights while opening a window nearest to where you are getting ready. The orange tint of artificial light combined with the blue natural light is enough to make the resulting pictures a little off.

Photo: Unsplash

Before you hire a professional, there are already some things you can take care of yourself to get the best photos for your wedding day. Consider lighting conditions for your entire wedding day. Pay attention to both, the time of day and where you will be, i.e. indoors or out in the open.

For an understanding of how windows inside a ceremony venue can be utilized, there are several examples available. The carefully timed and scripted arrival of Meghan Markle at St. George’s Chapel is one of them.

For an outdoor event, the early afternoon is usually best, as the natural light becomes softer and warmer then, making it more flattering. It is also important to consider the venue light at the time of the ceremony. For example, blinding full sun, partial shade or completely shaded by the venue or a neighboring building or trees.

Design matters, too

Before taking your wedding portraits, photographers will always look out for other important things to ‘frame’ the subject – you. Existing structures, lines, patterns and repetition or symmetry are all taken into consideration. And this is why – as wedding stylists – we also will consider these things, when choosing and decorating your venue.

Usually, we achieve our signature classic, clean wedding look by carefully considering available light sources, and combining carefully draped luxury fabrics with key design pieces. Random styling items, messy tablescapes or fussy flower arrangements are wedding-no-goes we know how to avoid. And our own stock of wedding props is so large, there will always be that one special piece just waiting to be discovered.

5 Apps that will transform your Wedding style

Sure, you can pick a royal wedding out of a style line up and could tell your friends if traditional, vintage or industrial/rustic would be their dream wedding style. But do you know the apps wedding event designers use to inspire them? These five apps are or are pegged to be the most influential apps out there / and they are the tools every lover of wedding design should know.


Known as ‘Gen-Z’, the young professionals of today boast a lifestyle as modern and international as their attitude. For almost a year we have poured our heart and soul, knowledge and skill into creating an app that will allow couples to make design decisions on the go. Homing in on these young professional international couples’ time and budget constraints, the Wolkenkuckuck app will support them in planning, shopping and styling their wedding. And it will do so easily and reliably in one powerful platform.

Expected launch date: 4th Quarter 2021.


While originally designed as a pure note-taking app, Notability is so powerful, it will literally transform the way you work. It makes sketching ideas, create a visually attractive presentation, jot down notes and much more ridiculously easy.

Notability uses gorgeous retina ink, giving life to your ideas and improves your notes filing, memory and organization. I use this app mainly to take notes, find important thoughts amongst my ‘scribbles’ and sketch important design elements, again, and again, and again …

Download it from the Notability app website.


Canva is a nifty online graphic design tool. It runs in your browser and is also available as an app version, although with slightly less functionality. Wedding stylists and couples alike use this app to design flyers, posters, invitations, placecards, table plans and a social media campaign for their wedding. The complaint that it is no Adobe illustrator is mute, that is to say, of course not. Canva’s templates are brilliant though for anyone, from beginners with a minimum of graphic design experience to professionals. Particularly when in need of a helpful tool under time pressure.

You can sign up for Canva via their website.


We love and take Pinterest for what it is: a platform to share visual ideas in an easy and, well, visual way. A shared Pinterest board gives couples the room to share their ideas with their wedding designer/stylist and help him/her understand the vision in the couples’ heads. This is always helpful and important to avoid disappointment. Particularly where international couples are concerned who often have to negotiate ideas and make decisions remotely.

Wolkenkuckuck Public Pinterest Board

Access Pinterest or download the app here.


Wedding event stylists inevitably take inspiration from the world around them. And it’s hard to imagine an easier app than Houzz. Here, everyone can find the most curated interior design ideas and layouts on the market. The projects are often decorated with modern and classic paintings hanging on the walls. Users include everyone from professional interior designers to couples decorating their first home, boutique hotel owners to wedding event stylists.

Visit the website for more info about the Houzz Interior Design apps.

5 Ways How to Guarantee Awesome Wedding Music Entertainment

The biggest news about wedding music entertainment, we have to say, is that there is actual news about wedding music entertainment. Though still uncertain, we use this upturn to update you on the trends, shifts and adjustments of the Austrian wedding event and entertainment industry. A longing to connect with people and sharing a physical space again has led to changes in wedding event concepts.

A survey by MICA, the Austrian professional society for music artists in Austria shows this trend very well. While there currently is a certain “run” on digital replacement formats, it can be difficult to transfer weddings and other events to the digital world in a satisfactory way. If so, then perhaps more as a symbolic act since many events depend on guests sharing a physical space with each other and thus also a sensual experience.

DJs never grow old

DJs are artists but are not officially recognized as such. Austrian DJs during COVID-19 lockdown(s) made the move to unite and forge a trade union to combat professional issues such as these, made even more apparent by the pandemic. One DJ who has been active since the 90s is ELECTRIC INDIGO aka Susanne Kirchmayr. The DJ work comes in various forms. While in the Club scene the term DJ refers to an artist using tracks to mix sounds – often live – on stage, this is different for e.g. weddings. Here, the style is selected by the couple, for instance Jazz, or Pop or Rock’n Roll. As a wedding planner I have trusted and tried DJs I would use again and again. Alternatively, there are countless websites offering DJ services, such as Rent-a-DJ or Eventzone.

DJ live acts – mixing musical genres successfully

A very cool way of elaborating on the whole DJ idea, and particularly interesting if you really love the live music feel, are DJ live acts. It’s really fun to combine a Saxophonist or Percussions and/or Vocals with the beat produced by the DJ. No one will be able to resist the pull to the dance floor!

via Unsplash

Think Soloists for wedding music that feels intimate

Pintimate weddings – referring to a cross-over between personal and intimate weddings – took place more and more often even before the pandemic hit. And this has now become a firm trend and favorite with couples all over the world. Setting the scene musically often works best with a solo act, such as a beautiful vocal artist or violinist. We love the personality, spirit and sheer musical prowess of the Irish soloist Karen Murray, who, luckily, decided to stay in Austria. Listen to her rendition of ‘Danny boy‘ from 7′:55” approx. if you want. But for a melody, that you may have not heard yet and that will surely bring tears to your eyes, go to 14’:30”!

Karen Murray (Violin), Edwin Vanecek (Cello) ©Karen Murray, Vienna

Live Bands – read about the new darlings of the Austrian musical entertainment scene

The Austrian live music scene has everything on offer, from laid back sounds like the Indierockband ‘Banki Moon‘ to lively Bluegrass with ‘Nugget‘ or Schrammelmusik by ‘SchrammelBach‘. The talents at Music Austria have put together a vast database of Austrian music artists and provide listening examples for most of their listings.

Feel good song ‘Summer’ by Banki Moon ©Banki Moon

Collaborate on a playlist

And what if you are not into live-music, don’t want to deal with potential drama of anyone falling ill or coming late or YOU being late and then the band having to leave. Well, now there is a really easy answer and one that on top of it, allows you to invite anyone you want to collaborate and add their favorites to the list – SPOTIFY.

Yes, you got this right, if you want to have a truly diverse range of songs that is sure to make your guests head for the dance floor, it’s a collaborative public playlist. A really nice explanation, including do’s and don’ts and upsides and downsides can be found here.