Pocket Guide for the Legendary Garden Wedding You always wanted

Leopoldskron Castle, in Salzburg, is one the best known Austrian wedding locations, internationally. I recently checked out its outdoor area for a couple who are planning a sophisticated garden wedding. Find here some essential information as well as inspiration for your garden wedding guide.

The Castle

Schloss Leopoldskron;

Contrary to some of Austria’s other famous landmarks, Schloss Leopoldskron has a distinctly relaxed and quiet air about it. While it shot to international fame as the legendary Van-Trapp home in the 1960’s candy-sweet blockbuster ‘The Sound of Music’, Austrian’s revere it as the former home of the famous theater producer and founder of the Salzburger Feststpiele, Max Reinhardt.

Reinhardt had bought the castle built in the style of Rokoko, together with the Meierhof, located on its grounds, just after the end of World War I. Following his vision for a place where he, his wife and their artist friends can meet, talk, discuss and create freely and peacefully, he invested a lot of time and money in the restoration of the castle.

The Park and a Hidden Theater for your garden wedding

While the castle is truly enigmatic, it is the park that we came for and why we chose this location for our garden wedding guide. The festival founder Max Reinhardt brought the park of the property to life with statues from the Lower Austrian Thuerntal Castle. In order to be able to indulge his theatrical passion in an intimate circle, he built his own garden theater in the rear part of the park, from which, however, only the foundations are still discernible today.

The South Terrace and the Lake Shores

The terrace at the back of the house boasts a beautiful gate leading directly to the lake. Boats can moore here, a most charming idea for a bridal arrival. Such an entrance is bound to make your guests gasp. Utilize the whole terrace for a diverse range of ceremony set-ups.

The Party goes on – In the Great Hall

Almost all Austrian outdoor locations have a 10pm cut-off time for music and loud noise in general. for that reason suitable indoor rooms are essential. Leopoldskron Castle’s Great Hall is for sure one of the most significant indoor party locations. It easily accommodates up to 100 guests and live band and sound equipment are available.

The Library, The Venetian and The Chinese Room

The rooms of the castle are magnificent and proof of Max Reinhardt’s dedication to its restoration. He had the Berlin architect Professor Alfred Breslauer and the set designer Ernst Schütte built a splendid library on the first floor of the magnificent building, which is the heart of the palace to this day.

Off the library lies a small room, almost hidden from view. It is the office of the intendant Reinhardt, still kept in its original state. Wooden paneling on the walls and his famous typewriter are witnesses of a different era.

He expressed his love for artistic engravings in the specially set up copper engraving cabinet. Reinhardt’s cosmopolitanism manifested itself in the Venetian and Chinese rooms, which are true to the original.

Guest Rooms and Catering

The castle has room for up to 40 guests. For bigger parties the Meierhof next to the Castle offers plenty of nicely styled accommodation. Enough for your family and friends to stay on site. Castle Leopoldskron offers its own catering adapting it to the most varied requirements and needs. You can take your meal in most of the castle’s grand rooms, such as the library, Chinese and Venetian rooms or the Marble Hall.

Prices and Exclusivity

Castle Leopoldskron offers two wedding packages at 244 EUR and 279 EUR respectively. The difference lies in the number of guests. In the main wedding season, from May to October, the venue charges for 100 guests, even if you bring less. Castle Leopoldskron and Meierhof can be rented together exclusively for 24 h for the price of 43.000EUR. Catering will be an additional 30EUR per Person, on average.

5 Tips for Creating Your own Stunning Wedding Floral Design

You want your guests to take a look at your wedding floral design and wonder: How did they get it so right? Despite the less than perfect light conditions in most event spaces, you can manage to find ways to add color and texture with your floral design. The premise of this article and our business is beautifying event spaces all over Austria with our signature brand of eclectic yet lush wedding themes. Here are some of our top wedding floral tips:

Considering the setting

  • Style & location of venue
  • Size of room(s)
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor
  • Existing colors & textures
  • Existing lighting

Composing with flowers

If you, like us, have a thing for music, it will be easy to relate why we use the term ‘composing’ when referring to creating a floral design. Let’s go a step further and Imagine each individual flower, its particular color, shape and scent, as a note. Following that idea, spiky thistles may have a high, screechy sound, roses a clear soprano and green filler plants may resonate a mumbling base.

Are you up for a quick game? What sound do you feel any of the below floral arrangements make? Think about it and write your answer in the comments below or join our FB group to join others that are on the same journey and see what they thought about!

This idea of looking at flowers from a musical point of view, while maybe a little ‘out there’, is by no means new. And vice versa flowers inspired plenty of musical works. One of the all-time favourite flower-inspired classical pieces, is the beautiful Flower duet from Delibes‘ opera Lakmé.

Building a floral design

Now just like you would build a chord from the bottom up, you should start with the “greens” as the base when creating your floral wedding design. Spend time on deciding the type of color range and shape you want to introduce here. It’s creating that incredible green base layer, that will set your design apart. When you are happy with how this part looks, it’s time to apply the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” concept to your design.

To add excitement and a ‘wow-factor’ to the design use a tall – loud – specimen. Some of my favorite plants for that part are Sunflowers and Delphiniums. Tall grasses also work really well to add some height and are very much on trend.

Optically, Filler plants occupy the middle region of your design – between the tall “thrillers” and the green base. They are also the flowers that reflect the main color in your overall color-scheme. Small, strong shaped blooms like roses work so well for this layer and have the added benefit of coming in virtually every shade and size. Another favorite of mine for that all-important “Filler” level are Hydrangeas for their sheer size and elegant colors.

Having covered height and color concepts it is now time to add some depth to your overall floral design. My personal favorite bloom to help my designs literally “spill over” and create that lush feel, is the peony rose.
She adds the most subtle shades to an overall design and are similar in shape to English roses, another great option to use.

Flowers suitable as “Spillers” are
all plants who have a slight,, bowing”
tendency, because of the weight of
the blossom vs. the strength of the
stem, such as peonies and gerbera.


Like anything to do with creativity it is very important to remember: Enjoy the process. Take the time, if you can, and wallow in colors, textures, smells & tastes, until you are satisfied with the end result.