Wir erforschen die einzigartige und großartige Farbwelt der schwedischen Künstlerin – Gudrun Sjoeden! …

… liebt Kontraste und überraschende Kombinationen in ihren Designs, die sie eigentlich immer auch für sich selbst entwirft. Sie mag es farbenfroh und individuell und vor allem will Gudrun Sjöden mit ihren Kreationen anderen Freude bereiten. Laut ihr sollte nichts “jemals durchschnittlich oder mittelmäßig sein.”

Nachhaltige Mode zu entwerfen ist seit mehr als 35 Jahren die Leidenschaft und Mission der schwedischen Designerin …

Wo Gudrun Sjöden’s Inspiration herkommt? – Von Mutter Natur “höchstpersönlich”!

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Has it really been almost a year since we first started to have notions about changing the way weddings are done in our country?

Since then we have provided you with information on everything we know will make your wedding as beautiful and unique as you are; from fresh flowers and table settings to gourmet catering; from divine dresses and veils to the perfect location – so you can truly create your dream-day.

One thing stands out, and which you all, our wonderful readers – and friends of Wolkenkuckuck – have urged us to consider taking on as our next project: Help you all find and purchase or hire those special products or locations directly and easily.

And so over the past several months we have worked very, very hard and pulled several all-nighters and we think we have come up with a pretty awesome idea of how to create THE FIRST FULLY INTEGRATED, SHOPPABLE WEDDING MAGAZINE!

But first, we would like – no – we NEED to hear from all of you – LOVERS, AND COUPLES ALIKE – what it really is, you are currently missing and looking for.